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Dance Teachers

all coaching and workshop options are available at a teacher's own studio,

online via zoom or at Julia's studio


supplementary Classical Ballet Coaching

Julia works in collaboration with dance teachers to offer personalised supplementary student coaching, to support and complement students’ current training.  Julia liaises closely with teachers to provide targeted additional coaching in Dance and Pilates, to enhance student progress, address challenges and foster musicality, artistry and confidence. 


Enhancing Teaching Practice


Julia offers a range of personalised teacher professional development options to enhance and progress your dance teaching practice.  Please contact Julia for further information and to discuss your individual interests (see contact details below).


1. Classical Ballet

  • Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus

  • Classical Dance Australia Syllabus

  • Open Classwork

  • Vocabulary analysis, including development, progression and planning strategies.

  • Pointe work

    • Pre-pointe preparation and beginning Pointe strategies

    • Pointe work progression - analysis and development strategies


2. Approaches to Effective Teaching

  • Strategies for differentiation within an inclusive learning environment.

  • Fostering musicality and artistry.

  • Teaching and learning resources to enhance learning.

  • Strategies for inspiration, motivation and management of behaviour.


3. Music for Dance Teachers.


4. A Creative Approach to Teaching Repertoire.


5. Benesh Movement Notation - An introduction for dance teachers.


6. Anatomy for Dance Teachers.


7. Dance History.


8. Continuing Professional Development and Future Planning

  • Discussion of CPD options and potential future pathways in dance teaching.


Dance Enhancement Workshops


A series of interactive Workshop Intensives extending students’ training in Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance and Dancer Well-being.  Workshops can be held at your studio, online via Zoom or at Julia’s studio and can be tailored to your individual preferences. 

For further details please refer to topics under the Dance Students tab.

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