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Dance students

all coaching and workshop options are available at a teacher's own studio,

online via zoom or at Julia's studio


Individual and Group CoachinG

1. Classical Ballet

  • Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Syllabus, all Grades and Vocational levels.

  • Classical Dance Australia Syllabus.

  • Open Classwork.


2. Pointe Work

  • Pre-pointe preparation and pointe shoe fitting guidance.

  • Beginning Pointe Work Progressions.

  • Pointe strengthening and development.


3. Repertoire

  • Classical Ballet Variations.

  • RAD Discovering Repertoire Syllabus.


4. Audition Preparation Support

Personal guidance in audition preparation and skills, including coaching for audition video if required.


5. Pilates for Dancers

Pilates Mat and small equipment work tailored specifically for dancers, to enhance strength, flexibility, co-ordination and breathing, for dance technique development and safe dance practice.


6. Floor Barre

Floor Barre offers an excellent supplement to dance training, focusing on body alignment, strength and mobility in non-weight bearing ballet-based exercises.


7. Return to Dance

Return to Dance supports the rehabilitation process post-injury, through individualised gentle non-weight bearing conditioning exercises, building towards a safe and gradual return to dance movement.

Dance Enhancement Workshops

Please contact Julia for further information on these interactive Workshops (see contact details below)

1. Performing at Your Best - Examination Preparation Skills.

2. Performing at Your Best – Stage Performance Preparation Skills.

3. Getting to Know and Appreciate Your Body: Personal Profiling, Body Awareness and Management

4. Warming-up and Cooling-down Strategies.

5. Flexibility Strategies for Safe Stretching.

6. Body Conditioning Strategies.

7. Happy Feet – Caring for Feet and Pointe Shoes and Pointe strengthening.

8. Enhancing Musicality and Artistry - Developing expressive qualities, interpretation of music and characterisation.


9. Inspiring Performance Qualities through Dance Repertoire.

10. Contemporary Dance - Extending contemporary dance experience and fostering creativity.

11. Anatomy for Dancers - Supporting students' awareness and understanding of the body for safe dance practice.

12. Nutrition for Dancers - Guidance for students on helpful and healthy nutrition for dance training and performance.

13. Benesh Movement Notation – An introduction to reading and writing dance notation.

14. Audition Experience Workshop - A mock audition and interview, with feedback and guidance.

15. Study Pathways and Careers in Dance - Outlining the options available for students interested in a dance-focused career.

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